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Featured products
Featured products

Featured products are perfect to use as a checkout bargain or to promote seasonal or promotional products on your homepage. You can select featured products manually or automatically by setting up a rule.

Manually featured products
These manually featured products let you choose the desired products yourself.

First, name the recommendation on the General tab. The name is only for internal use. Next, choose the category in which the to-be-featured products are located.

The Selection tab lets you select the products that you want to feature and the order in which they should appear.

The URL that you'll see on the Info implementation tab can be used to call the recommendation. When you click it, you'll see the products that you just selected in the XML.

Automatically featured products
The General tab lets you set a name for the recommendation. Next, select the category in which the products you want to feature are located.

If you want to apply further refinement on the selected category, you have three choices:

  • Display single product per (sub) category
    If the chosen category has subcategories, you can choose to only show one product per subcategory if you check this box. Example: the men's clothing category has pants and shoes as subcategories. This option will make it so that only one pair of shoes and one pair of pants will be shown. This creates a nice mix of featured products.
  • Display single product based on a unique property
    You can show one product per property from your feed. By choosing, for example, brand or color, no two similar products from the same brand or color will be shown.
  • No refined category selection
    This option means that there will be no refinement. It's the default option.

Choose the desired sorting that you created in the Merchandising module in the Sorting option dropdown. Finally, you can choose the number of featured products that you want to display.

If your setup on the General tab results in too big a collection of products, or if you want to make a more specific selection, you can set this on the Selection tab by choosing a property and set which conditions must be met. You can also exclude products based on a property.

If you choose two different attributes, the product has to satisfy both values to end up in the selection.
Example: color = red, shape = square: all products with color red and shape square end up in the selection.

If you choose one attribute, the product has to satisfy any of the values.
Example: color = black, yellow: all products with color yellow OR color black end up in the selection.

Real world example
You want to select a specific set of sku's. Enter those into a single selection field. All products that satisfy that have that sku, will end up in the selection:


The Parameters tab offers the same functionality as the Selection tab. The big difference here is that the values of the property aren't determined by Tweakwise, but by your webshop. The webshop mentions the desired selection in its call to Tweakwise. This variation needs a different implementation.

The added value of this function is mainly applicable if your shop contains many products or brands, which requires you to create many different variations on the Selection tab.


Number of rules to set up

Use of selection Use of parameter
1 Brand = {A} & Color = {Black} Brand = {Can be called variably} and Color = {Can be called variably}
2 Brand = {A} & Color = {Brown}  
3 Brand = {B} & Color = {Black}  
4 Color = {B} & Color = {Brown}  

In this case, you should create a filter on the Selection tab for brand A, brand B, brand C and so forth. Using the parameters, you can create a filter for the property Brand. By using this as a parameter in the URL, you can determine the URL webshop-side.

The Info implementation tab shows you the URL you can use to retrieve an XML with the recommendations from Tweakwise.

How can I check which products will appear in 'featured products'?

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