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Up and Cross-sell
Up and Cross-sell

It's possible to show product recommendations on product detail pages. The challenge is in selecting the right products. Using group keys may help you do this.

A group key is a code that you give to a recommendation rule, that indicates that certain rules need to be grouped in, for example, a category. Tweakwise lets you outfit each rule with one or multiple group keys.

See the example below:

The example above illustrates that you want to call the recommendations with group key ladies on products in the category jeans. As you see, there are four rules with this group code. That means that 4 rules will be called, with each their selection of products. A pair of jeans will then show 4 products: a blazer, a blouse, a top, and a vest.

Note: in the example above, you need to set it so that the recommendation rule can only show 1 product per rule. This will result in a total of 4 products in the recommendation. If multiple products are returned by a rule, then they will all be shown before the next rule is shown. Use the Priority setting within each rule to set an order within the grouped recommendation. Lowest Prio number comes first.

The Cross-sell / dames / jeans - blazers rule returns 4 products. The product detail page of a pair of jeans will first show these four blazers, before it shows a blouse, top or vest.

Multiple group keys on one recommendation rule
You can give a rule multiple group codes:

This allows you to execute the same rule for a cross-sell and a complete your look. This possibility will greatly reduce the required number of rules.

It might be best to be consistent in naming your group keys so that they always have a similar layout.

Group keys can be used to create different recommendation rules per category in Tweakwise Navigator, but at the same time be able to show simply them in the front-end by using one group key.

The example below shows multiple rules for blush, body mist, hair dye, and leg care. They can be retrieved with the same call because of the group key.

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