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An important part of the integration of Navigator with your shop is keeping your product range up-to-date. The back-end REST API lets you make changes in the product range in Tweakwise Navigator's back-end system.

As opposed to importing the entire feed or your external properties, which are both 'bulk' operations, the REST API lets you choose more specifically which data should be updated. This allows you to use the PATCH method to only update one field of a single product. That is convenient when you want to change, for example, only the price field and let the other properties go untouched.

Note: You still need to run a publish task after every change you make.

Hosts & Authentication

You can reach the API at https://navigator-api.tweakwise.com/. Regarding security, you need to send extra HTTP headers:


This header must be filled with a special access token. These tokens are not communicated by Tweakwise, you create them yourself in Navigator at https://navigator.tweakwise.com/en/accesstoken
We store this token securely and we can't retrieve it if you've lost it. You can create a new token at any given moment.

This module isn't available by default. Contact us at support@tweakwise.com if you want to use it.


This key is linked to your Tweakwise Navigator instance and can be found at https://navigator.tweakwise.com/en/endpoint

API Documentation 

You can find the documentation on this link at https://developers.tweakwise.com/api-backend/

The page describes how each separate endpoint can be used. Furthermore, you can try it out right in your browser by clicking the Try it out button. Before you can test the API, you need to supply all authentication headers. You do this by clicking the Authorize button.

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