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Magento 2 Tweakwise Export Extension
Magento 2 Tweakwise Export Extension

Feed generation

The Tweakwise Export Extension (Stores > Configuration > Catalog > Tweakwise > Export) generates the new feed. To do this, a cron schedule needs to be set up to determine how often and when the feed is generated.


0 3 * * * = Every night at 3 AM
0 * * * * = On minute 0 of every hour

0 8-18 * * * = On minute 0 of every hour between 8 AM and 6 PM

0 */2 * * * = On minute 0 of every 2nd hour

Having trouble setting up a cron schedule? Ask your implementation partner or contact us at support@tweakwise.com

Triggering the import task

After succesfully implementing the feed, it should be automatically loaded into Tweakwise. To do this, the need to input a Tweakwise import API URL in the Magento Export Extension:

You can find the URL in the app under Connectivity > Tasks > Import task > API

Note: setting up structural updates is only for production instances

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