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Magento Recommendations
Magento Recommendations

Well-executed product suggestions seduce your customers into buying more. Using Tweakwise's Recommendations, you can manage recommendations in a smart and easy way and then display them on different locations in your webshop. This allows you to give extra attention to bestsellers, new arrivals, and trending products.

Tweakwise's Recommendations module has two basic types of recommendations that you can apply in an endless number of ways.

Up & cross selling

This type of recommendation will match products. It allows you to influence which products will be ordered together with or instead of the current product. These recommendations can be displayed on Product Detail Pages (PDP).

Featured products

The other type selects a number of products that aren't necessarily related to a certain product. It allows you to fill a window in your webshop with, for example, the five most sold products from a category. These are called featured products in theTweakwise app and in the API.

The featured products can be displayed on Product List Pages (PLP).

NOTE: The recommendations that you set up in Tweakwise are only visible and useable in your webshop after running a Publish task in Tweakwise. Before you do this, new rules and any changes you made will not be visible in your Magento CMS and shop.

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