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Feed properties
Feed properties

​Often, ranking products that are available in multiple sizes higher than products with few available sizes is the way to go. Size chart availability allows you to automate this. See the example below:

Total stock 31
Amount of available sizes 11
Amount of stocked sizes 5
Size chart availability 0,45


Total stock 50
Amount of available sizes 11
Amount of stocked sizes 1
Size chart availability 0,09

In this example, you may want to rank product A higher in your product list than product B. The odds that a customer will find a suitable size are way better with product A. The chance that a customer will drop out is high with product B. This distribution is more important than the fact that product B has a higher stock.

​We will give a product an availability-ratio that signifies this size-availability to make this property usable in your merchandising. The closer the ratio is to 1, the more priority it will get in ranking.

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