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Derived properties
Derived properties

Your feed sends all sorts of properties to Tweakwise. Ideally, the feed is completely clean and contains only properties that are good enough to be used in filtering, sorting, and search. However, this ideal situation isn't always possible. A feed could contain ten different shades of blue, for example — light blue, navy blue, ocean blue, et cetera. You're going to want to turn those into just one value for your visitors, and that's blue. The Derived Properties module allows you to do just this!

A derived property is a new property that is based upon an existing feed property. Tweakwise has different types of derived properties. 8 of them are user-friendly and ready to use:

If you want to do something that can't be done using one of those 8 types, you can choose to use the advanced option. This option is based on an SQL query. Do you have an idea for your filtering, but no idea how to implement it using any of these types? Contact us at support@tweakwise.com. The support team might be able to help you!

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