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The top of the fashion world is already using personal product lister pages for all users. The time of one big standard sorting method is over. Infinite scrolling and dynamic sorting are the new best practices. Inspired by big players in the market, we developed our Personal Merchandising module. No longer use just Price descending/New/Recommended sorting, but a whole mix of sorting principles. Create your own mix of products, inspired by Instagram and Pinterest.

During periods when lots of products are on sale, you may find your entire lister taken over by prioritized sale products. Our new module allows you to place, for example, a sale product on every first, fourth and seventh place, while the rest of the lister page is filled with the usual products. It's even possible to offer every user a unique, personal feed.

The Builder module allows you to create a dynamic product lister page. It's the ultimate merchandising tool! Create your own personal sorting grids using mixed recommendations and combine various sorting methods. The simple drag & drop system makes the process very quick and simple.

For example, you can always place a:

  • Bestseller on the first position
  • New product on the second and third position
  • Popular product on the fourth position

This module gives you full control over you product lister page, improving conversion and sales in a major way!

Extend builder

You can expand the builder with different packages as; wisdom-of-the-crowd data, merchant-specific data and hyper-personalization?

Watch the video to learn all about Builder

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