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Up and Cross-sell
Up and Cross-sell

You can use upselling and cross-selling on your product detail pages. Examples are product recommendations to complete an outfit, recommend an alternative, more expensive product or a product from another brand or color. Well set up upselling and cross-selling rules can really increase your order value. Below you'll find some examples of different types of upselling and cross-selling recommendations.

Type of product Example

Matching products

Complete your outfit (show a top and a pair shoes with a pair of pants)

Alternative products

Comparable products but more expensive/cheaper/more margin/more popular et cetera.

Comparable product in another color or from another brand.

Tip: If you use cross-selling to complete an order, it's essential that the visitor does not leave the product detail page, as the customer has already found the desired product. It's important not to frustrate the purchase by navigating to another product without placing the original product in the shopping cart.

You could do this by opening a pop-up when clicking the selected cross-sell item. You can't set this up in Tweakwise Navigator, your developer will need to facilitate this.

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