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A synonym is a word that means roughly the same as one or multiple other words.

The use of synonyms

In Tweakwise, we use synonyms for words that your customers may call differently than the webshop does. For example, a customer might search for a tunic, while the webshop calls it a dress. In that case, you can create a synonym for tunic and dress.

The Synonyms submodule can be used to correct typos that aren't corrected by autocorrection, such as L'Oréal and Loreal.

Interaction with search algorithms

The Word search algorithm takes synonyms into account in the following ways:

  • Synonyms work on all properties that are configured in the algorithm
  • Synonyms also work in combination with other terms in the search phrase (for example: Dress - Tunic; when you search for green tunic > it will still work)
  • Synonyms don't work on parts of a word but are split at spaces. (for example: Grand Theft Auto > gta, doesn't bring up 'hangtags' as a result)
  • Synonyms don't work on synonyms longer than three words

Types of synonyms

We've divided the synonyms submodule into 2 types. The regular synonyms and the one-way synonyms. The first one is used when you have terms that are the same in any which way. The second kind is used when there are certain search results that you want to have turn up with a certain search term, but which aren't synonyms in both ways.

Regular synonyms

Here, you can input all the words that are each others synonyms. Only fill in search terms that are more or less 100% similar. These will work both ways. This means that you will find products containing 'test' when you search for 'prototype' but also 'sample'.

One-way synonym

Here, you can input the keyword that your customers are searching for, and then input what you want them to find in the synonyms section. You may want your customers to find 'bread' and 'meatloaf' when they search for 'loaf', but not that they will find 'meatloaf' when they search for 'white bread'.

The overview shows you which synonyms are 'regular' synonyms and which are 'one-way'. The arrow means that they're one-way.

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