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SEO Extension
SEO Extension

It's a best practice to design your URLs in relation to search engine optimization (SEO). We've built this possibility into Tweakwise. We developed two features:

1. URL Builder Strategy, in the current extension
2. Attribute landing pages, in a new extension

We'll shed light on these methods in this article.

1. URL Builder Strategy

This regards a mechanism in the current Magento Tweakwise extension that automatically converts 'ugly' URLs to SEO-friendly, 'beautiful' URLs. By ugly URLs, we mean URLs that contain symbols like ? and =. These come from parameters that are used by Tweakwise.

Example of an ugly URL:

Example of a beautiful URL:

You can indicate which strategy you want to follow in your CMS. To do this, navigate to this module:

Magento1 Admin Panel > System > Configuration > Catalog > Tweakwise > section Layered Navigation

The dropdown contains two options. The query params option is the standard strategy that Magento has always followed. This results in you using the ugly URL. The URL segments option is new and lets you use beautiful URLs using a certain, more logical method. The selected filters are added to the path as parameters.

Shop domain / categorypath + ‘.html’ / Filtername1 / filtervalue1 / Filtervalue2 / filtervalue2 et cetera

This should be sufficient for most of our customers. It's quite simple to add your own implementation of a strategy. This needs to be implemented in the code. This is quite possible conceptually, by adding an extra class.

2. Attribute landing page

Dit betreft een nieuwe extensie met een extra module in het Magento CMS waarin je attribuut landing pages kan beheren. In de module kan je bij een landingspagina aangeven voor welke filterselecties die pagina gebruikt moet worden. Dus een combinatie van filters komt uit op een attribute landingspage.

This regards a new extension with an extra module in the Magento CMS that lets you manage attribute landing pages. The module lets you set for which filter selections each landing page should be used. So a combination of filters results in an attribute landing page.

You can manage these landing pages in the CMS. Navigate to this module:

Magento1 Admin Panel > CMS > Attribute landing page

These elements are editable for each attribute landing page:

  • Store view (selection)
  • Active (yes/no)
  • URL Path
  • Page type (‘Landing page’)
  • Category ID
  • Title
  • Header image (upload file)
  • Meta title
  • Meta keywords
  • Canonical url
  • Meta description
  • Robots
  • Extra layout handle
  • Tekst above results (editor, widget, image)
  • Tekst below results (editor, widget, image)
  • Search attributes (attribute & value pairs)
  • Hide selected filters (yes/no)
  • Tweakwise template (dropdown)

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