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Q: Is it true that when we update to a new version willy nilly, we don't notice any changes? So when we don't consciously turn on the new SEO friendly URLs, we use the regular / old function. Is that right?

A: That's correct. However, the module does work differently, which means that the current version (the query param) implementation has been redeveloped. Theoretically, this could have some effect. You should really test it thoroughly. By default, the option URL strategy is set to 'quary params'. This indicated that the new Tweakwise function isn't used yet.


Q: The filtering could cause a proliferation of pages. So it's very important to be able to indicate for each attribute whether you do or do not want optimized URLs. In some cases, you may want the URLs to be constructed of parameters so that you can easily exclude them for bots in robots.txt.

A: This can't be done at the moment. You can set that you use query params or URL segments. If you select the second option, you can't set up any configuration. The rest is automatical. What you can do, is create your own implementation. That is quite possible, conceptually, but costs you more development time.


Q: Ideally, the attribute name isn't included in the URL. That would mean that your URL wouldn't end in '.../bags/shape/square/shape/round/' but in '.../bags/square-bags/'

A: You can't do this with a URL strategy, but you can with an attribute landing page.

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