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You'll find the Banners module in the app under Search. To add a new banner, click the + New search banner button at the bottom of the table.

Fill in the settings, all of them are required.


Fill in the name for the banner. It will only be used in the app.

Active from

The banner will only be active from this date.

Active until

The banner will only be active until this date.

Search banner location [Only relevant in the Javascript implementation]

The banner can be placed in three different locations:

  • ProductTop (default): Above the products, but under the header, pagination and sorting options
  • Container Top: All the way above the results (above the 'Search results' header)
  • List top: Above the sorting options and pagination, but under the 'Search results' header


Set whether you always want to show the banner by default, or only with certain search terms. If you're setting up the banner for specific search terms, it's important that the search action corresponds completely with the search term supplied here. A banner set up for a specific search term, on the same location, always has priority over a less specific banner.


Set the category in which you want the search banner to be active. Always choose the category that is searched, so on the store view level.

You can debug these settings in de the demo shop.

Examples of the search banner location:

  • ProductTop
  • Container Top
  • List top

After setting the settings above, you can start setting up the banner itself. You can set up the banner for desktop and mobile separately.

Image URL

Fill in the URL that contains the image.

Click URL

Fill in the URL of the page where a user should be sent after clicking the banner.

Click type

  • _self (default): URL opens in the same tab
  • _blank: URL opens in a new tab

Example of search banners

Two different banners were set up in the app: one for all search terms, and one for the specific search term shirt.

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