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Release notes
Release notes

In recent months we have been working on all kinds of internal improvements and optimizations. We will briefly explain the following points:

Features, optimizations, changes, and bugfixes

  • Support search banners in the demo shop
  • Application/JSON & application/XML

We've made sure that you can now use accept headers to get data back from us in the following formats:

- application/JSON 
- application/XML

  • Output cache gateway

In this release, we published a construction to cache full responses at the gateway. This will decrease response times and will lighten the load on the servers executing the requests.

  • Availability of Personal Merchandising on landing pages

When creating a landing page it is now also possible to link a personal merchandising rule, this allows you to use even more specific personal merchandising for your visitors.

  • Bugfix IOS15

This is a bug fix for IOS15 Safari users where the keyboard would disappear every time a character was typed into the search field.

  • Add to favorites button added to default product tile. Example product tile:

A black coffee makerDescription automatically generated with low confidence

  • Facet response shows if there are more values for a facet

The facet call returns facets with a limited amount of values. For retrieving the remaining values we offer a separate API call. This would typically be used when the facet is expanded using the 'Show more' button. However, it wasn't clear to developers if they needed to show the 'Show more' button because they didn't know if they already had all the values.

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