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A redirect may not work. This can have various causes. Check the following point for troubleshooting:

1. Is the search term identical to the keyword you filled in for the redirect in the Tweakwise aap?

2. Have you selected the right category in the Tweakwise app? The redirect is only triggered when you're in the selected category or a child category. If you haven't chosen a category, the redirect is active in all categories.

3. Have you run a publish task after creating the redirect?

4. Check if the right URL is in your XML. You can do this by executing the search query in the demo shop. Choose Show source of the results (XML). This file has a redirect header. Check if this section is filled with the right redirect.

If all these conditions are met and the redirect still isn't working, please contact your implementation partner.

NOTE: Redirects in the Magento 2 extension only work in versions V.1.0.4 and higher

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