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Make sure if you can find the product in the demo shop. Start the demo shop for the root category (the highest level). Search for the title of the missing product.

Situation A: the product does appear in the demo shop
This means that there is something wrong with the Tweakwise results in your shop. The developer of your webshop is the one who can discover why the product isn't showing.

Situation B: the product does not appear in the demo shop
There is an issue with the importing of products. Make sure that the product is showing up in the import feed at all.

Navigate to Connectivity > Tasks and select the Import data rule. Navigate to the Setup tab and click the Download button in the HTTP URL'section. Open the file in a text editor.

Note: this file can be quite large. Make sure you use a text editor that can handle large files, such as Notepad++

Once the file has loaded, search it and check whether the product is included in the feed. What happens next, is one of the following situations:

  1. The product does not appear in the feed: The one who's responsible for compiling the feed would be the most suitable to check why the product isn't appearing in the feed.
  2. The product does appear in the feed: There can be multiple causes.
  • Check if the product is linked to a category. Check the system that makes these connections, this is often your CMS or your PIM.
  • Is the product stocked?

If both of these conditions are true, you can try rerunning the import task. The previous import task might have imported the old feed or it might not have started at all.

If none of these solutions cause the product to appear in the demo shop, we'll have a look at it. Send us the details at: support@tweakwise.com

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