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Note: This is not supported in Javascript implementations.

If you want to display a collection of separated, configurable products in your shop as one product, you need to add a group code to the products. This allows you to have the image change according to filter actions or search queries your customers make. You can add a group code to a group of color variations, for example, to have them appear as one product in your shop. When a customer then filters for a particular color, the image of the product will change to the right color.

The configurable product will all get a separated product number, but the same group code. You can find the group code in Catalog > Products > Product > General

There are some changes you need to make to correctly display these products, other than editing your feed. You need to change your search settings so that a search query searches through groups instead of products. To make this as clear as possible, we've developed separate API calls for this.

Contact support@tweakwise.com for more information.

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