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The feed that you supply to Tweakwise Navigator, consists of the following layers:

  • Tweakwise
    • Categories
      • Category info
      • Parents
    • Products
      • Product information
      • Properties
      • Categories

You'll find all the details about components in the table below.

Segment Field Required Type Description
tweakwise   yes object Root element, contains products and categories
  categories yes list<category> List of categories
  items yes list<item> List of products


Segment Field Required Type


category   yes object Category object
  categoryid yes int Unique ID of a category
  name yes string Name of a category
  rank yes int Order of a category
  parents no* list<int> List of parent category IDs

* Required for all categories except for the root category

Segment Field Required Type Description
item   yes object Item object
  id yes string A product's unique ID
  price yes float A product's price
  stock yes int A product's stock
  groupcode no string A product's group code
  name yes string A product's name
  brand no string A product's brand
  image no string Link (URL) to the product image
  attributes yes list<attribute> List of properties
  categories yes list<int> List of linked categories


Segment Field Required Type Description
attribute   yes object

Property object that can be used as a facet. Values are always of the string type

  name yes string A property's name
  value yes string A value that belongs to a property


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