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Derived properties
Derived properties

Some properties are filled with values that actually consist of multiple values. Examples are Colour: Red,Green,Gold or Material: Steel,Wood. You would be wise to split those to make your filtering way more user-friendly. The derived property Split lets you do this, regardless of which separator was used in the combined property.

Navigate to Catalog > Derived properties and create a new derived property of the Split type.

Name the derived property, give it a URL and choose whether the to-be-split data is text or numeric.

The Property of the range values dropdown lets you select the property that contains the values that need to be split. The Separator option lets you choose the symbol that was used to separate the values. As you can see, this may be either a semicolon, a slash, a comma or a straight line, but you may also choose your own symbol if you used something else.

Click Save to continue.

The Preview tab shows you the result of the Derived property.

In this example, we've put a few values in a property with two separate values: Ash and Ash grey. We've split these values with a comma. If we choose the comma under the options, then you'll see that the values have already been split:

If we choose slash, however, you'll see that they have not been split.


The other tabs show you any errors, the distribution of values, and where the property has been used.

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