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Derived properties
Derived properties

The derived property SQL Replace allows you to replace certain symbols, numbers, and terms within a property. You could use this derived property if you want to, for example, replace all hyphens in an article number with a space. Or if you want to replace an entire word in a property.

Name the derived property and select on which property it should be based. In this example, we're basing it on the feed property barcode.

You need to save the derived property before you can edit the replacements.

Now you can set up your replacements. Fill in the original value and the replacement value:


In this example, we've replaced '-' with '+'. This means that the barcode with this original value: CHAIR1234-BLUE will become CHAIR1234+BLUE.

You can also do this with entire words. The second line replaces the word 'amount' with 'number'.

The last line replaces a period with nothing. You can do this by leaving the replacement box empty. This allows you to change the barcode 456.876.154 by 456876154. This is useful in the Search module when there are barcodes or article numbers that have certain symbols in them. Many users will not fill in the complete article number with symbols. By replacing those symbols, you can optimize those search queries and lead your customers to the right product much faster.

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